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Seymour Personal Life

Stephanie Seymour Nipple Bikini Stephanie Seymour’s personal life was pretty worse, in fact worse than the standards of the super model. She started her career as model engaged in departmental stores and local newspapers ads when she was 14 years old. Her stunning, and towering look was ideal for modeling material and she participated in modeling contest organized by Elite.

Later on, she moved to New York worked as a model. She got married for the first time in 1989 to Tommy Andrews. The couple had one son, but their marriage was unsuccessful and ended after only one year. This is when she started relationship with John Casablancas who on the other hand deserted her wife for Seymour. However, her relationship with John didn’t last for long and they broke off in 1993.

Then Seymour started dating Peter Brant. On July 14, 1995 Seymour married to Peter Brant and had three kids. She had filed for a divorce with Peter Brant in March, 2009. Stephanie Seymour was in the habit of mixing alcohol as well as prescription drugs. Ex Victoria’s secret model Stephanie Seymour missed a court date where she was called for a drug test. Stephanie Seymour needs to undergo the drug tests as a part of her divorce from Peter Brant. Brant’s lawyers ordered that she needs to be banned from drinking. In fact, when her kids were interviewed by Brant’s lawyer they too agreed that their mom was in the habit of excessive alcohol consumption.

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